How to make Digilocker Account

How to make Digilocker Account | Hi guys welcome to our new fresh blog in this blog we know about digilocker and how to make a digilocker account here I understand some steps to know how to make a digilocker account.

How to make digilocker account

What is Digilocker?

Digilocker is a secure cloud-based platform for storage, sharing, and verifications of documents and certificates. It is launched by the Indian is totally safe and secure for all people and is managed by the Indian government. Digilocker is the Aadhar based e-locker service and that helps you when you forget your documents when you travel from one place to another place.


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DigiLocker is the personal online storage space to store the documents digitally. This online service is open to all Indian citizens who have aadhar cards. Each and every registered user has got the 1 GB storage space with his/her aadhar number.

How Digilocker Help you?

Digilocker helps you and it already helps many people, with the help of digilocker account, you can easily say that my documents in my pocket. When you traveling from one place to another place it helps more if you forget your document for taking it helps you in the digilocker account there are two options first you can upload your documents and second is issued documents.

How To Make Digilocker Account.

How can you easily make your digilocker account and how to use it we provide some steps to follow and make your digilocker account.

Step 2.Sign up For Digilocker.

when you go to above links you shown this type interface that shown in below image.

digilocker sign up

Step 3.Enter Mobile no and click on Continue.

Step 4.Received OTP on Your Mobile.

After click on continue you can receive OTP on you Mobile no and enter OTP in Box and click on Verify.

digilocker otp

Step 5.After entering OTP and Verify you will show your Aadhar details.

Step 6.You will show Username, Password, Confirm password and email enter these things in box click on sign up.

Step 7.After doing the above process your Digilocker Account will be Successfully created.

Download Digilocker Mobile Application.

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