Best Social Media Platform in 2019

Best Social Media Platform in 2019 | Hi guys welcome to our fresh blog if you want to know Best Social Media Platform please read this blog and know best social media platform. Social media is a very active platform on the internet.

Social media is one of the best ways to promote your business and website on the internet. With the help of social media, you raise your voice to a great platform on the internet. Social media helps many people.

Best Social Media Platform in 2019

Many social media platforms are active on the internet but you choose some best social media and I listed some top social media platforms in this blog. Social media is easy to use and these days many people join this platform.

Social media helps you to share your ideas, experience, news, thoughts across millions of people all over the world.


Best Social Media Platform.


Facebook is the very popular social media all over the world, it has more no of users in the world. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg on Feb 4,2004. It accumulates the more than 2 Billion User and gradually is the best mean to connect people across all over the world at this platform.


Twitter is also a best social media platform where you can do mainly three things Share your tweet, follow others and share messages and your tweets. Here you can tweet only in 140 has 350 million active users all over the world.


Whatsapp is the social mobile platform has available in mobile application and this is available in Google play store and App store. Here you can easily added through your mobile no and be making contacts and groups of your friends, family, business, organization,schools, institutes and many more. It has more than 1.5 billion active users across the world.


Instagram is a visual social media platform. here you can share your image and like another image and comments on other images .it is very popular social media and it is owned by has 500 million active users.


Youtube is the video-sharing social media where you can share your videos all over the world. In youtube, you create your channel, gain subscriber and share your videos. With the help of youtube, you also earn money. It is owned by Google. It is the second most second most popular search engine behind Google.


Google+ is launched on 15 December 2011 and it is also a good social media platforms. here you can also share your ideas and is the product of Google, but in the latest news google says that to shut down this social media platform.


LinkedIn was founded on 14 December 2002 .it is social media platform for professional networking.LinkedIn is available in 24 languages and 500 million active users across all over.LinkedIn is great for people looking to connect with people in similar industries, networking with local professionals and displaying business related information and statistics.


Pinterest was launched in March 2010. here you can pin your content and share has 100 million active users. In the Pinterest half of the visitors are women and it is very popular in women.


Snapchat is the image messaging app software and it is developed by three students of Stanford University.snapchat app is officially released in September 2011.snapchat will grow her market in a short time span. It has an active 100 million users.


Quora is the social media platform where you can ask a question to the community and give answer you can also share links of your website was launched on June 2009.


Reddit is the social media platform where you can share content. posts and links of websites. Reddit was founded by the University of Virginia roommates Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman on June 23 in 2005.

Many other Social Media Platforms:-

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  1. Snapchat could be the graphic messaging iphone app computer software and it's also manufactured by a few pupils regarding Stanford School. You may check it at


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